How The Ast Grah Planets Affect Our Life Know By Astrologer Shyama Gurudev

if a benefic planet becomes combust by malefic Sun in a horoscope, the damage may increase as in this case also, two processes are in effect at the same time. The first process is the process of combustion and the second process is the one through which malefic Sun afflicts the positive planet involved in this combination and it sends negative energy to such planet through the process of affliction, apart from burning out some of its strength through the process of combustion. The benefic planet at the receiving end will need to lose a part of its positive energy in order to counteract such negative energy sent by Sun and in the process; this benefic planet may lose more strength in the form of positive energy. Hence malefic Sun can burn a benefic planet and it can also afflict it due to its malefic nature, which results in much more weakness due to combustion as well as due to affliction.

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