Vedic Astrology Result of Saturn Transit 2020 forAries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign

For Aries people, Saturn rules 10th house of Career, Fame and Father & 11th house of Income & Gains. Saturn is going to be transiting in 10th house of Career, Status and Father. A transit which can be totally focused on Career and Work. they will be required to place extra effort and show perseverance at their work. There are often changes and challenges in matters of career or authority. they will have stress around authority figures, may it’s reception or at office. As 10th house also relates with Father, this transit can keep them faraway from father or it can bring some health issues or other concerns to father. Their own public image are often at stake and that they may have to figure really hard to stay up with expectations of others. A change in career or work are often on cards.

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