जन्म के समय जन्मकुंडली में चन्द्र राशि से शनि जिस भाव में स्थित होता है (कुंडली में) उसी के अनुसार पाया जानना चाहिए।

The term paya is not how the concept is described in Vedic astrology. The actual term for the concept is Murti Nirnaya.
When any planet enters a new sign, at that exact moment check the position of Moon in transit. Check where that sign falls with respect to your natal moon sign. Depending on where the sign of transit moon falls, the four Moortis are decided as follows:

If the transit Moon is in 1st, 6th or 11th from Natal Moon – Swarna (Golden) Moorti.
If it is in 2nd, 5th or 9th – Rajat (Silver) Moorti.
If it is in 3rd, 7th or 10th – Tamra (Copper) Moorti.
If it is in 4th, 8th or 12th – Lauh (Iron) Moorti.
The results ascribed to them are:

Gold – 100% / Excellent

Silver – 75% / Good

Copper – 50% / Average

Iron – 25% / Unfavorable

Some opinions say that gold is not favorable for Saturn, but I haven’t seen it mentioned in reliable texts.

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