Festivals mark the spirit of joy and celebration. However, they are celebrated according the movement of the planets of sun and moon in the skies. They demonstrate the rich cultural heritage of the people. Apart from astrological significance in celebrating festivals, they help in bringing happiness and strength to the lives of people by spreading the message of universal brotherhood. Significance of festivals lies in the fact that each festival is celebrated because of reasons due to: a historical legend, an astrological happening, important events that had taken place in a country or land, change of seasons or worship of Gods. Thus, by celebrating, they help facilitate this knowledge and tradition to be passed to the next generation.

Festivals and commemorations are an important part of a culture. • Although they are celebrated variously, it is instructive to note that many of them have an astronomical basis. Keeping track of passage of time has been one of the greatest intellectual challenges human beings had set before themselves. • We know much less about the visible sky than our ancestors did. • To know what time of the year it is, we look at the calendar. • To know what time of the day it is, we look at the clock. • We often forget that there was a time when one had to turn to the sky to know the time. Indian Festivals and Fasts are linked to the lunar Calendar and their dates change every year. Knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the panchang is essential. This page will list all the important festivals, give their importance, the astrological connections and how they are celebrated.

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