Adhik Maas Importance -2020

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What is Adhik Maas

Adhik Maas is an extra month in the Hindu lunar calendar. It usually comes every third year.The other names for Adhik Maas are Mal Maas,

Hindus follow a very scientific,mathematical and logical calendar that is based upon ingenius use of Solar as well as Lunar calendars.

The solar year has 365.2422 days while a lunar year on average is about 354 days only.Hence each year we have a gap of 11 days and few hours between both calendars.To maintain balance once every 27 to 35 months an extra lunar month is to be added.So on average after each 32.5 month a Adhik maas is to be observed. Adhik maas is a month in which no Sankranti takes place and it is the thirteenth lunar month.

Purushottam Maas, Malimluch maas. Adhik Maas has a special significance in the Hinduism. Lord Vishnu Himself gave it the name of Purushottam Maas and further He said that the persons who would do Jap, Puja, Aaradhana Daan etc. would enjoy the worldly pleasuresand after death would go to Vishnu Lok.

What is to be done during Adhik Maas

According to the Hindu scriptures , the following things or activities should be done—

According to the Bhavishyottar puran, the Lord Krishna Himself is the Phal Daataa,, Bhokta and Adhishthaata. So Adhik Maas Vrat produces positive results. This Vrat washes away the sins of the Vrati.

1)The reading of holy scriptures –

During the Adhik Maas the reading or listening to the holy scriptures is considered very fruitful.

2)Daan or donations

– According to the Devi Bhagvat , the Daan -Punya whatever is done during Adhik Maas , brings good results to the person who does it. It is said that the money spent on holy or sacred deeds or actions, does not go in vain. It increases and produces good results.

3)Selfless actions –

During Adhik Maas selfless actions are done. In other words these actions are done without any expectation of any result.

4)The deeds or sanskaars –

There are some actins or deeds or Sanskaars which are done at the fixed time in the prescribed period. Such type of work can be done during Adhik Maas.The Sutika Snaan, Shraadh karm, Punswan etc. come under this category.

5)The other activities / actions / deeds –

Anushthan for getting rid of serious diseases, donations during eclipse etc.Parikrama of Goverdhan giriraj, Bhajan, Keertan, giving food to Sadhoos, Saints or Brahamans etc.

Adhik Maas Legend


The legend behind Purushottam Maas:

There are twelve months in a lunar year. Whereas each and every month is represented by a God, Adhik Maas was not assigned to any God which made Adhik Maas go to Lord Vishnu to share his plight. He approached Lord Vishnu. Seeing him in pity, Lord Vishnu assigned himself to adhik Maas. Since then, Adhik Maas is also called as Purushottam Maas and has more significance than the other months.

How it got its name, Mal Maas?

As there are 12 months and each month is dedicated to specific god but every God refused to become Deity of this month and sidelined it completely. This is how Adhik maas got its name as Mal Maas.

Lord Krishn was not a human but was God Himself. He is the Purush at the center of the lunar orbit known as Purush. His elder brother is Shesh Naag or the Adhik-maas, which makes way for the Shuddh lunar months. We cannot have Shuddh lunar months if we do not have Adhik-maas. Thus Adhik-maas which comes first is the elder brother of Krishn (Purush of Shuddh Maas). Total, there are about 33 lunar months from one Adhik-maas to another one. When we multiply this by 30 days in each month we have, about 990 days or say, about 1000 days. This one thousand days is represented by 1000 arms of His Vishwa Roop, which was shown to Arjun before the MBH war started. Raamaayan is the story of one year (Bhaarat Varsh) and MBH is the story of about 3 years from one Adhik-maas to another Adhik-maas. Thus both these epics are legends to illustrate certain spiritual facts and are never the history as many people are prone to believe. Mahaatmaa Gandhi also thought them both to be allegorical legends. There is a difference of one day between one solar and the one lunar month. This remainder 1 day adds to 11 days in one year and to 30 days in about three years. Remainder is known as ‘Shesh’. Thus the 33rd month which is the Adhik-maas or extra month becomes like a sleeping Naag Konas the Shesh Naag of the Sun or Vishnu. This Shesh Naag representing the difference of the solar and the lunar months is Balaraam.

People say that Krishn was Poorn Avataar : an absolute incarnation. What is the meaning of Poorn Avataar? In fact Poorn Avataar is not an Avataar in real meaning, but The Lord Himself; hence it should possess all the characteristics of The Lord.

This proves that this extra month is not bad but very auspicious and important for everyone.This is excellent period for accumulating spiritual merit .

One must live Satwik life and do as much fasting,vrat,havan,katha,daan,japa etc in this period as possible.Reciting of texts like Bhagwat Gita,Vishnu Shasranaam,Bhagwat Puran etc is much extolled by sages.One should wake early and do Shodasopchar worship of Laxmi -Vishnu daily .

What should be done:

One should observe fasts as it is said observing a fast in adhik maas is equivalent to performing hundred Yagnas. Lord Vishnu should be worshipped. Recitation of bhagwat gita and carrying out other religious activity yields multiple good results. One should do daan, light diyas and go to pilgrimages.


What should be avoided:

As it is also considered as Mal (unclean) Maas, therefore Manglik Karya like naamkaran, marriage, grah Pravesh, installation of Hindu God and Goddess, yagna, purchasing of a vehicle, commencement of construction of the new home is prohibited to conduct during this month.


Adhik Maas Month : Donate these things as per Dates, you will get auspicious results

Adhik Maas month is currently going on. It will last till June 13. This month is called as Dharma-karma. Person gets lot of auspicious benefits if they donate food, certain things to poor and worship god during this month. If the donation is done as per Tithi then all the wishes of a person gets fulfilled.

Prathma –

On the first day, donate a gourd full of silver, you will get peace.

Dwitiya: –

On the second day, take bronze vessel and add gold in it. Donate it to the poor. You will face no shortage of money.

Tritiya: –

Donate gram to the poor on the third day. It will bring happiness.

Chaturthi: –

It is beneficial to donate Dry Dates on Chaturthi.

Panchami: –

Donate jaggery on Panchami, honour will increase.


Donate medicine on Shashtri, your disorders will remove.

Saptami: –

Donate Red Sandalwood on Saptami, strength and wisdom increase.

Ashtami: –

Donate blood on Ashtami, power will increase.

Navmi: –

Donate saffron on the day of Navmi, luck will get better.

Dashmi: –

Donate musk on the tenth day, the desires will be fulfilled.

Ekadashi: –

Donate Gorochan on the day of Ekadashi, brainpower will increase.

Dwadashi: –

Donating conch shell on the day of Dvashashi increases the wealth.

Trayodashi: –

Donating a bell on Trayodashigives family happiness.

Chaturdashi: –

Donating pearls on Chaturdashi removes pyschosis.

Amavasya: –

Donate dough on Amavasya, all your troubles will be reduced.

Purnima :-

Donate gemstone on the day of Purnima, wealth will increase.

 Donate as much as you can. Donation is not just about giving money, but anything that you have and someone needs it. It could be your time, affection, service, or money. Donate to temples, brahmins, and gau-sevaks.

Donating lamps in the Adhik maas( Purushottam month)

One must donate lamps in the month of Purushottam .

Light a lamp in temples, under Peepal trees or Basil (Tulsi) and leave it there. There are numerous glories sung about donating lamps, donating lamps in Purushottam month can relieve any problem in one’s life.

We encourage all devotees to consider using this auspicious time of Adhik Maas from September 18 – October 16 to make a donation towards the grand installation of the biggest and largest Shree Yantra (Approximately 1700 Kgs) in Maharashtra,India or complete your pledge. Completing your pledge by December, 2020 will simultaneously also include your name in the Garbhagriha,that is the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctuary temples where resides the Shree Yantra

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