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Bhrigu, with help of Lord Ganesha, compiled the famous Bhrigu Samhita. It consists of several lackhs of horoscopes with different planetary combinations, their results and the remedial measures for prosperity and to ward off the evils. The Brahmin community gratefully learned to interpret it and prospered.Benefits of Bhrigu Patrika Kundli
It provides impeccably accurate predictions on a number of crucial aspects that shape up the overall nature of the life of the native.
It makes one aware of what the stars have in store for them and thereby helps them take the right steps at the exact time, so as to avert any harm coming their way. This minimizes the risk profile and maximizes the chances of gains.
It reveals your true nature and the favourable lines of a career that go hand in hand with your destiny, providing you with consistent growth opportunities.
As far as Finances are concerned, the timely predictions that one gets to know all come in handy in the future times. This helps in making investments that would prove to be fruitful in the times to come, especially when it comes to property or real estate.
It provides you with an incredibly accurate picture of your health so that you can make necessary changes to your diet & lifestyle to avoid health problems that are slated to appear in the future.
It gives perfect remedies to nullify any Doshas (Flaws) in your horoscopes such as Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh and Pitra Dosh. Remember any of these Doshas if not treated timely & properly can wreak havoc in your life, leaving you clueless about the misery & problems that they bring along.

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