kartik purnima 2020- Puja Vidhi, Katha, Aarti, Muhurat, Vrat Katha and Puja Mantra

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The Kartik month of the Hindu calendar is considered very auspicious. The full moon day during its Shukla Paksha period is known as Kartika Purnima. Lord Shiva slew Tripurasur, the demon, on this particular day. The festivities of this day start in advance, i.e. on the day of Devuthanna Ekadashi. It is also said that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Matsya on the day of Kartik Purnima. Why is the festival so important? Let’s find out.


Kartik Purnima 2020 Date And Timing

Kartik Poornima falls on the 30th of November, 2020, Monday.


Purnima Tithi Starts: 29th of November, 2020, 12:47 PM

 Purnima Tithi Ends: 30th of November, 2020, 02:59 PM

 The celebration of Kartika Poornima is five days long due to Ekadashi being the 11th day, and Poornima, the 15th. These events consist of Tulasi Vivah, Bhishma Panchaka, Vaikunth Chaturdashi, and Dev Deepawali. Let’s read about these festivals in brief.


Tulasi Vivah usually starts on Prabodhini Ekadashi and concludes on Kartika Purnima. As per the Hindu scriptures, it can be observed on any convenient day between Ekadashi and Kartika Purnima. People in huge numbers perform the wedding rituals for the marriage of Tulasi Mata and Lord Shaligram during this period.

The fast for Bhishma Panchak begins from the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi and ends on Kartik Poornima. Vaishnav culture considers Bhishma Panchak fast conducted during the last 5 days of this month to be highly significant.

The puja for Vaikunth Chaturdashi is done a day before Kartik Purnima. As per the Hindu scripts, Lord Vishnu was believed to worship Lord Shiva on this day. He used to offer 1,000 lotus flowers to the Lord. Special pujas are performed in Shiva temples on this day, including the worship of Lord Vishnu.

The festival of Dev Diwali coincides with Kartik Purnima. The killing of Tripurasur by Lord Shiva had brought immense happiness to the Gods, as per the ancient scriptures. Hence, this day is celebrated in a similar way to Diwali. The view of earthen lamps lit on the banks of holy river Ganga and all the temples is a spectacle worth watching!

Significance Of Kartik Purnima

Kartika Purnima holds a religious as well as spiritual significance as per the Hindu mythology. Performing the Kartik Snan and offering prayers to Lord Vishnu is said to bless the followers with great fortune. This event is believed to be one of the most opportune days to conduct ritualistic ceremonies. The religious Puja performed on this particular day is said to bring happiness and bliss to one’s life. The Kartik Snan is a crucial part of the Kartik month as it is similar to performing 100 Ashvamedha Yagyas.


Rituals To Follow On Kartik Purnima

Take a holy bath by visiting pilgrimage places during sunrise and moonrise on this day. This Kartik Snan is believed to be an immensely sacred bath.

Worship Lord Vishnu by offering flowers, lighting diyas, and incense sticks.

Observe a fast for the entire day and read the Satyanarayan Katha after doing Rudrabhishek.

To celebrate Kartik Purnima as the wedding of Vrinda and Lord Vishnu, the Kartik Purnima Mela or fair is organised in Pushkar during this month. The fair ends on this particular day, and devotees take a pious dip in the Pushkar Lake to attain salvation.


The Legends Of Kartik Purnima

Natives who follow Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva read the Kartik Purnima Katha on this day. This story shows how demon Tripurasur was conquered. Tripurasur had defeated all the Gods and took over the World as per the ancient scripts. He also created 3 cities in the space, which he named Tripura. Lord Shiva saved the Gods later and killed Tripurasur ultimately. Since then, the day has been celebrated as the festival of lights.


The birthday of Vrinda who was personified as holy Basil also falls in Kartik Poornima. It is also the birth anniversary of Matsya, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as the fish. Kartikey, the son of Lord Shiva is also believed to be born on Kartik Purnima. Hindu scriptures rightly portray that Kartik Purnima fasts and rituals pave the way to Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Kartik poornima importance, What to do to make life successful, tips to attract health, wealth and prosperity on kartik punam.


Kartik purnima is one of the best day to perform rituals or pooja to attract prosperity. Kartik punam is a very auspicious and sacred day when one can easily get the blessings of lord vishnu, mata tulsi etc.

People usually take bath on any holy river and perform the worship in the bank of river for growth. read about Karthik Month Importance.

There is no difficulty to perform some simple task on this day. Here I am providing you the tips or totkay which if you can do to attain the real success in life.

If you are a girl and want to marry with your desired partner then do the deep daan by worshiping the trijata laxmi on the evening of kartik poornima. You can leave the deepak of flour in  holy river in 11 number, 21 number, 108 number etc. If there is no river where do you live then you can offer deepak in any goddess temple or under peepal tree etc.

If you want to develop peaceful atmosphere in home then arrange a satyanarayan katha on kartik poornima and get the blessings of lord vishnu.

In the evening of kartik poornima decorate your house by lighting the deepak, it is also a type of deep daan. It will help to attract divine energies at your home.

Chanting of vishnu sahastranaam is also beneficial on this day.

Worship the elders, saints, brahmins and scholars and take the blessings of them for success.

It is also a very good day to start any new work, to start any anusthaan.

Scholars can perform the rituals to activate mantra i.e. mantra siddhi, tantra siddhi is also possible on this auspicious day of kartik poornima.

In this auspicious day of kartik poornima many types of important activities are performed by devotees for well-being-

Some perform the marriage of tulsi and shaligram.

Devotees perform the deep daan in the bank of holy rivers. It is a belief that on doing deep daan in the evening of kartik poornima person can get the virtue of ‘ashwamegh yagya’.

People also believe that deep daan on kartik punam helps to achieve name, fame, prosperity and with this the ancestors also attain the salvation.

On this auspicious day people also worship ‘Trijata Laxmi’. It is said that trijata laxmi has saved mata sita in ashok vatika. So generally girls worship trijata laxmi to get the desired partner.

Devotees also distribute tulsi plant on this auspicious day of kartik poonam. read about Tulsi Worship For Success.

Fair is arranged on this auspicious day where people enjoy this day and night.

So kartik poonam is very auspicious from the point of view of Indian scriptures. Tremendous benefit is possible by doing proper worship on this day. Pooja to solve the relationship problems is very beneficial on this day, Financial blockage can be removed by doing pooja on this day, devotees can easily get the blessings of positive energy on this day. read about Totkay For Kartik Month.


So kartik poornima is a very auspicious day, a very important day, a very powerful day to perform anusthaan, pooja, rituals. Be ready to not miss this opportunity.

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