7 Mistakes To Avoid For Pooja Ghar According To Vastu, Not paying attention to the direction of Pooja Ghar:, Choosing wrong location of pooja ghar, The inappropriate placing of God Idols, Mismatching the lights, False decoration, Cluttered ambiance, Random structure of Pooja ghar, vastu tips, Sankalpa, Ritualistic worship of Deity, Offering food and garments to orphans/ destitutes,Mandir, puja room, home, vastu shastra, sanatan dharma, arya samaj, ancestors photo, pictures, dead people, grand parents, love done, photo frames, hanging in room, right direction, vastu, jeevanmantra

A puja room or any corner of worship in your home (no matter what your religion is) is the sanctum sactorum of the house. Ideally, this place is should be brightly lit and fragrant substances should be kept here to increase the positivity of the place. However Indians make one very common mistake at this place.
No doubt, that our ancestors deserve utmost honour, and we should remember them and pray peace for their soul. But according to shastras, a dead person cannot be equated with nor substituted for deities. Sanatam dharma strongly condemns placing of ancestors’ photos in the puja room. This can lead to several problems in life.

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