The Shadyantra Yog Shanti Puja organized by pundits from India Astrology Foundation is an enlightening means to alleviate all the imbalances from life and assure divine blessings for ultimate peace and prosperity. The lone presence of lLagnesh in 8th house without any auspicious planet forms Conspiracy Yog.

We all have enemies that wish harm for us. Such people try all they can in order to disrupt the joys in our life and make us lose prosperity. Our enemies plan conspiracies or Shadyantra against us and try evil ways to make their wicked intentions successful.

The presence of Lagnesh/ Mangesh in the 8th house without the support on a beneficial planet is the root cause that gives rise to Shadyantra Dosh or Conspiracy Yog. Persons with such Kundli features face conspiracies and evil actions from their nears and dears or enemies.
Conspiracy Yog is considered to be extremely bad. The person being affected by this Yogin the horoscope is a constant victim of conspiracies against him being caused by ones that are close to him or her. They can be cheated in relationships, harmed by mischief and troubled by evil intentions of enemies.

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