In a way, it's easiest to interpret Saturn because its results are always getting to bring challenges, difficulties and hardships to people. In signs like Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio, it can become tougher but it can never subsided challenging or convenient for us.

The hard task-master Saturn Transit in Capricorn from Jan, 2020 to Jan, 2023

So, the most important of all transits is close to happen. Saturn will enter into Capricorn from its current position of Sagittarius on 24th Jan, 2020 where it’ll remain till 17th Jan, 2023. During this point , Saturn will enter in Aquarius sign between 29th April, 2022 to 12th July, 2022 to offer us glimpse of its next transit but besides these 2.5 months period, it’s largely getting to be a Saturn in Capricorn transit. Like this, Saturn will complete its about 2.5 years transit in Capricorn on 17th Jan, 2023.

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