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The king of all planets and the soul of the Universe, Sun is one of the most revered in Hindu culture. It is the source that illuminates the whole World. Sun represents honor, dignity, royalty, and power. It is said that offering water to the Sun early in the morning curbs malefic effects of it. It also helps elevate the confidence level in a person. The Sun transits in every zodiac sign each month and such a planetary transit is called Sankranti. This time, it is going to transit to the archer sign of the zodiac i.e. Sagittarius sign.
What is the transit timing of Sun in Sagittarius?
Sun will be moving out from Scorpio and entering the Sagittarius zodiac sign on December 16, 2019, at around 3:44 pm. It will stay there for a month.

Effect of Sun transit in Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
A powerful Sun in a native’s birth chart gives them authority to rise above and become a great leader. It would have a vivid effect on each individual. Let’s read and find out whether the 2019 Sun transit in Sagittarius would be a boon or a curse for all zodiac signs.

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