Pitri Dosh or Pitri Rin :-

Pitra Dosh i.e our ancestors debts or Pitra Rin. Rin means debts. These types of problems affect all of us regardless of our caste or religion.Lal Kitab Lagna Chart (Tewa), Lal Kitab Moon Chart (Tewa), Lal-Kitab Planetary Positions In Details, Lal-Kitab House Positions In Details, Lal Kitab Debt (Rin), Lal Kitab Graha Phala, Lal-Kitab Grammer - Half Blind Planets, Lal-Kitab Grammer - Horoscope of Blind Planets, Lal-Kitab Grammer - Dharmi Kundali (Tewa), Lal Kitab Varshphal Chart (Tewa)/ Given Year, LalKitab Varshphal Planetary Positions/ Given Year, LalKitab Varshphal House Positions In Details/ Given Year, Marriage Astrological Particulars (Bride/Groom), Marriage Planetary Positions (Bride/Grrom) Boy, Marriage Saptamamsha Chart (Bride/Grrom)Boy, Marriage Ashtakoota Matching, Marriage Other Matching Considerations, Marriage Ashtakoota Analysis, Numerological Basic Calc, Numerology - Root Number, Numerology - Destiny Number, Numerology - Name Number, Numerology - Nick Name Number, Numerology - Sun Sign Number,


Lal Kitab astrology gives lot of importance to Pitri Dosh . Pitra Dosha is not a curse of the Ancestors, but it is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors which the person having Pitra Dosha in his horoscope is supposed to pay.

 Since we enjoy the wealth, name and fame earned by our ancestors we are equally liable to suffer their misdeeds too. The dosh created as a result of the bad deeds of our ancestors is pitri-

 dosh or pitra-rin. . Pitri rin is different from the ‘pitri-shraap’ or the curse of the ancestors.

 Brahat parashar gives 14 kinds of pitra-shrap, Mantreshwar in phal deepika says that rahu in the 5th creates pishach-badha, Gopal Ratnakar calls it sarp-shrap. In the traditional vedic astrology Rahu is considered the main cause of these dosh .

 Lal Kitab in its 1952 edition discusses this problem in great detail along with its remedies

Every Horoscope has some problems which can be solved and some problems which cannot be solved.

Generally, one visits astrologer when going through problematic phase in life. Astrologers read their chart and also guide Vedic or Lal Kitab Remedies. But, native keeps on suffering and none of the remedies work or even reduce the intensity of problem. Then people go to different astrologers and finally, when their problems are not solved, they loose faith in Astrology. Actually, the fault does not lie with Astrology but with Astrologer. I am not stating that Astrologer can change the complete fate of a person but every Horoscope has some problems which can be solved and some problems which cannot be solved. It is the duty of the Astrologer to tell the native that his problem falls in which category in the first meeting itself instead of keeping eye on financial benefits. Generally, problems which do not solve easily despite of performing several remedies are due to Pitra Dosh i.e our ancestors debts or Pitra Rin. Rin means debts. These types of problems affect all of us regardless of our caste or religion.

There were many classical literature available earlier which gave solutions to overcome Pitra Dosh but unfortunately, before independence, most of our valuable classical texts were put into fire and ou rancient temples were demolished. But by the grace of God, we still have one of the most effective remedial book in Astrology and it is known as Lal-Kitab. Lal Kitab provides best remedies for Pitra Dosh in Astrology.

Lal Kitab Debts (Rinas) based on your Lal Kitab kundli

Lal Kitab takes the account of present as well as previous birth’s Karmas to calculate the effect of planets on one’s life. According to Lal-Kitab, our unpaid Rinas and debt of previous birth are carried forward to our next birth.

Hence, the impact of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of planets depends completely on these deeds of previous birth. As humans we keep on doing actions throughout our life for having fun and profits, but sometimes we don’t realize the effect of our actions on the other person. Our invalid actions or curse given by someone, create debts in our life. While some of these debts get resolved in the same birth, unresolved or unpaid ones get carried forward to the next birth. These debts or Rinas could be of different kinds like forefathers debt, self debt, mother’s debt, brother or relative’s debt, woman’s Debt, father’s debt, nature’s debt, etc. Check out how much debts or Rinas are pending in your account with Lal Kitab Debts (Rinas) based on your Lal Kitab Kundli.

Lal-Kitab Debts (Rin) Predictions:

Fathers Debt In your Kundali-

Mercury is not situated in the 2nd or the 12th house and Moon is placed either in the 3rd or 6th house. According to Lal Kitab, this displays fathers debt in your Kundali. You should perform the remedies according to the Lal Kitab. This fathers debt is related to Mercury. You should perform remedies related to Mercury.

Reason of Fathers Debt

1-If your family priest needs to be replaced.

2-If a religious place has been demolished around your house.

3-If a Peepal or a Banyan tree has been demolished around your house.

Effect of Fathers Debt According to Lal Kitab-

when your hair start becoming white, then slowly the wealth of the house may start getting destroyed. And on the head, the hair from the place where the pony tail grows may start vanishing and you may start wearing a necklace or some sort of a chain. False rumors may start floating regarding you. You might have to go to the prison without committing any mistake.

Remedies of Fathers Debt

1-You should collect equal amount of money from all your family members and donate it at a religious place.

2-Get any religious place around your house cleaned.

3-If there is a Peepal or Banyan tree around your house then take care of it and pour water in its roots.

Kins Debt In your Kundali-

Ketu is placed in either the 1st or the 8th house. According to Lal Kitab, this signifies your relatives debt being imposed on your Kundali.

Reason of Kins Debt

1-A friend is betrayed or killed by betrayal.

2-Someones house has been burnt.

3-Someones ripened crop has been destroyed.

4-Someones pet has been killed.

Effect of Kins Debt-

You may earn lots of wealth during your youth days and may become independent. But after that you may not have wealth and you may become weak. You may not have any child. You may suffer from continuous pain in the joints and suffers from problems in the eyes. You have to even face defeat in quarrels and disputes.

Remedies of Kins Debt-

According to Lal Kitab, You should take equal amount of money from all your family members and give it to a doctor so that he can treat the poor people for free.


Debt of Sister and Daughter In your Kundali-

Moon is placed either in the 3rd or the 6th house. According to Lal Kitab, because of this combination, Mercury is being unfavorably affected. According to Lal Kitab, this signifies your sisters or daughters debt being imposed on your Kundali.


Reason of Debt of Sister and Daughter

1-In your house, someone has betrayed another persons daughter or sister or might have got her murdered.

2-You may have involved in immoral and asocial deeds.

Effect of Debt of Sister and Daughter-

1-Strange incidents may start occurring on the occasion of the marriage of your sister or daughter.

2-Money may gets destroyed.

3-There may be decrease in fertility power.

4-Teeth may start falling by themselves.

Remeidies of Debt of Sister and Daughter

1-Take yellow shells from all your family members and then burn them and float its ash in water.

2-You should take equal amount of money from all your family members and on a day of Wednesday, get halwa (Indian sweet) and bread made in ghee and feed it to 101 girls and also give them donations

Natures Debt In your Kundali-

Moon and Mars are situated in the 6th house. Because of this combination, Ketu is being unfavorably affected. According to Lal Kitab, this signifies natures debt being imposed on your Kundali.

Reason of Natures Debt

1-A dog was killed because of some wrong intentions or saints and fakirs might have been harassed for no reason. Character may not be not good.

2-Someones child was murdered in disguise or under cover. Dogs were shot with bullets. Relatives were betrayed.

Effect of Natures Debt

Because of Ketu being inauspicious, your son might get unfavorable effects. There may be some difficulties in the birth of a son or he might be born handicapped.

Remedies of Natures Debt

1-You should take equal amount of money from all your family members and feed 100 dogs at one time.

2-Take the blessings of widows and take care of them.

Mother’s Debt ( Matri Rin )

When Fourth House in the Horoscope is afflicted a person suffers from  Mother’s Debt. Afflicted Moon is the indicator.  Because of this Debt the person can have strained relations with the Mother or she could be suffering from ailments.  The person suffers in the academic field. If and when associated with animals giving milk or trading in milk or water all his riches and wealth disappears because of some unforeseen events. If someone else tries to help the individual he himself is rendered incapable of doing it.  The native tends to throw dirt or waste material in the Flush, or flows it in water, well or river.

Self Debt ( Swa Rin )

When Fifth House in the Horoscope is afflicted a person suffers from Self-Debt. Afflicted Sun is the indicator.  Because of this Debt the person becomes atheist and does not follow family traditions.  A person rises high in status and serves the government but suddenly due to a stroke of misfortune all his wealth is lost. Some chronic diseases like ; heart diseases, pain in shoulders, physical weakness, difficulty in eyes severe so that the person suffers from it. One has to pay penalty in legal suits even though he is flawless.  There may be an Agni Kund or Fire place underground or many openings in the roof for the entry of light.

Debts to Relatives ( Rishtedari Rin )

When First and Eighth House in a Horoscope are afflicted, person suffers from Debts to relatives.  Afflicted Mars is the indicator.  Because of this Debt the person remains aloof and enjoys solitude.  Someone in the family must have killed a pregnant cow or buffalo, poisoned some relative or set someone’s new house on fire.  The person is against his relatives. Does not join in family celebrations and does not celebrate at home.

Debts to Females (Stri Rin )

When Seventh House in the Horoscope is afflicted, a  person suffers from  Debts to Females. Afflicted Venus is the indicator.  Because of this Debt the person suffers in his marital life.  In the family Women folks are beaten. Someone at some time might have killed a pregnant lady for selfish reasons.  One is avert to keep pets, especially a cow. Main gate of the House or entrance will be from the South which will be harmful. Native might be a killer, posses House or machinery by cheating, snatching other’s possessions illegally and using for one’s own comfort.  Benefic results of the progeny will be mild, holes in the skin, diseases in secret organs, Cremation of dead body at the time of marriage of anybody, having second marriage.


Debts due to Evil Deeds ( Nirdayata ka Rin, Nirdayee Rin, Jalimana Rin)  


When Tenth House and Eleventh House in the Horoscope is afflicted a person suffers from Debts due to evil deeds. Afflicted Saturn is the indicator. This is a curse due to Tyarani, killing, murdering or shooting i.e., taking away lives of the innocent. Manipulating someone’s property and not paying for it.  Because of this Debt the person is devoid of good and faithful servants or do not get into good service themselves.  Untimely death of progeny or in-laws, fire accidents, not residing in the purchased House, Repairing stairs after purchasing a house, unnatural death by intake of poison or killed through weapons.  Native is unable to purchase machinery or house even after giving advance, rusticated from the school or Examinations without any fault. Buys the land from the issueless person and constructs house on it.


Debts during entire life time


When Twelfth House in the Horoscope is afflicted a person suffers from  Debts during entire Life Time. Afflicted Rahu is the indicator. This is a curse of children who are not allowed to born or aborted. This debt incurs even if some ancestors have betrayed or cheated their in laws or others in such a way that their entire family was destroyed.  Because of this debt an individual has to struggle through out his lifetime. One does not enjoy any comfort or luxury. Interpersonal relationships become a cause of stress. There is a sudden turmoil in life. Some unforeseen event or mishap shatters good luck and with in a flick of a second a king turns into a pauper. All is lost as sometimes in natural calamities. A person tends to get penalty or imprisonment in court judgment without any fault, charges of cheating, theft, betrayal are labeled against the native.  Flow of dirty and impure water below the corridor, accumulation of heaps of dust and waste material or filth in front and backside of the residence, Fire, theft, failure in life despite of hard work, asthama, epilepsy, unexpected or untimely death.


Godly Debts ( Dev Rin, Kudarati Rin )

Lal Kitab, Godly Debts ( Dev Rin, Kudarati Rin ), ज्योतिष, उपाय, लाल किताब,राजेंद्र शर्मा ‘राजेश्वर’,ऋण एवं उनके उपाय,
When Sixth House in the Horoscope is afflicted a person suffers from  Godly Debts . Afflicted Mercury is the indicator. This is a curse from the religious place or religious person or because of not performing the ‘Mannat’ or what one had promised to offer to God after completion of the work.  Because of this Debt the person is often devoid of progeny.A person is cheated whenever he puts faith on someone, kills the dogs, has urinary problems, accidents and unforeseen events during journey, has bad character. Native Receives adverse blessings from poor or saints. Pain in the back bone, Pain in the ears, dog bites.

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