Through Maharishi Bhrigu’s Divine Grace, Guruji Shree Sanjay Ji gives Bhrigu Divine Readings on every Sunday at 8 AM in the morning.

The readings begin with a prayer and invocation of Maharishi Bhrigu by Guruji. Guruji communes with the Maharishi, who then begins to speak through Guruji, bestowing his blessings to one and all. The Maharishi’s guidance flows in the form of words of nectar, wiping away all the negative qualities in our lives, bringing bliss, peace and happiness, thereby taking us to a step closer to our Self and to Him. Maharishi Bhrigu guides all the people present on specific problems they are facing and on questions they are seeking answers to. It is upon the great Maharishi’s calling at the appropriate time that people get connected with Guruji to receive the Maharishi’s guidance and blessings to enter a new divine life.

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