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In a puja ritual, a shankha is used in two ways one for blowing and the other for worshipping. However, the one used for blowing should not be made part of a puja ritual. The significance of the shankha has been clearly mentioned in the ‘Varaha Purana’ which says that the temple door should be opened only after blowing the shankha. Also, before beginning the puja and before performing the aarti, the left sided shankha should be blown. The atmosphere contains three kinds of frequencies viz sattva dominant, raja dominant and tama dominant. However, distressing vibrations are generated by the raja and tama dominant frequencies but it is the sattva dominant frequencies which get influenced and attracted to puja ritual places. On blowing the shankha, energy is emitted from the shankha which tends to reduce the strength of the distressing frequencies, thereby creating protective armour around the puja articles. In addition to this, the activated energy of Lord Vishnu present in the universe also gets attracted to the place of the puja ritual which proves to be beneficial for the person performing the puja as well as the others present there. The blowing of the shankha also creates a positive and pure atmosphere around us for a long period of time.
It is very important to know about the reality of Sankha or conch shell. From the Vedic era till today the traditional Indian Sankha or conch shell have its position of the clan in the Indian Hindu house remains steady. As a symbol of Lord Vishnu, Sankha is also being worshiped. Apart from this, the war started in the ancient time; it was also said in the Mahabharata. Even today, if earthquake occurs, or if there is any disaster, the sound of Sankha comes from almost every family. Sankha is also essential for the wedding. Conch plays an important role in Buddhism also.

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