Joytirvidh Shyama Gurudev

Financial Trouble

Vedic Astrology Sutra's for Success in Stock Market

One Of The Difficulties In Assessing The Relationship Between Prices And The Planets Is The Large Number Of Variable Parameters Involved. Mostly Astrologers Work With At Least 9 Planets, 7 Aspects (I.E. The Angular Separation Between Two Planets), 12 Houses And 12 Constellations, To Say Nothing Of Asteroids, Fixed Stars, Nakshatras Or Whatever Other Supplementary Parameters One Chooses To Mention. Taken Together, This Produces A Huge Number Of Possible Permutations That Can Be Correlated With Market Trends.

Stock Market Is A Risky Gambling Business, Fates Of People Change In Stock Market Like The Tide In Sea, One Can Become A Millionaire Or A Beggar Depending On The Horoscope, You Win Sometimes, You Loose The Other Time This Win And Loss Are The Two Sides Of The Same Coin, But One Should Be Careful Not To Invest Money Which One Cannot Afford To Loose, It Is A Risky Business And A Few Taste Permanent Success Here.

Parameters To Consider

  • Ascendant(Lagna) : Personality
  • 2nd House/Lord(Dhan Sthan) : House Of Wealth
  • 5th House Lord (Pancham Bhav): Gains Through Share Market, Speculations, Stock Trading, Forex, Lotteries Etc
  • 8th House /Lord(Badhak/Marak Sthan) : Sudden Gain
  • 9th House Lord(Bhagya Sthan) : House Of Fortune
  • 10th House Lord(Karma Sthan) : Profession
  • 11th House Lord(Labh Sthan) : House Of Income And Profit
  • 3rd/6th/12th House Or Lord : House Of Loss
  • Jupiter(Guru) : Bestows Wealth And Riches
  • Moon(Chandra) : Controls Mind
  • Mercury(Budh) : Controls Emotions And Psyche
  • Rahu : Sudden Event In Life

Combinations & Permutations

  • If There Is A Connection Between Lords Of 2nd, 5th, And 11th House, The Native Will Shine In The Stock Market .
  • 2nd, 4th , 9th And 11th House /Lord Are Well Placed And Free From Malefic Influences Indicate Great Success In Stock Market .
  • The Connection Of 5th And 9th Lords To Any Of The Houses, 2,5,8,11,5,9 Indicates Good Dhanayoga Yoga Or Financial Gain Yoga And Monetary Success In Life .
  • The Lord Of The Ascendant In 2,5,8,11,5,9 Houses Along With The Lord Of These Houses Indicates Excellent Dhanayoga Or Financial Gain .
  • The Lords Of 2nd And 11th House Exchange Their Signs ,Signifies Success In Stock Market .
  • Jupiter Placed In Ascendant And Aspected By Lords Of 2nd,5th, And 9th House Indicates Huge Success In The Stock Market .
  • The Connection Of The 5th Lord To 2nd House And The 9th, 11th House Or The Connection Of 9th Lord To 2nd, 11th Or 5th House Is An Excellent Factor For Earning In Speculations, More So If The Ascendant Lord Is Also Placed In One Of These Houses.
  • Jupiter And Rahu Placed In Quadrant/Trine Or Aspected/Conjoined By Lords Of Quadrant/Trine , The Native Will Get Huge Success In Stock Market.
  • Lords Of 5th,9th,11th Houses Placed In Quadrant/ Trine And Influence By Benefices Indicate Success In Stock Market .
  • Ketu Placed In 11th House Gives Money From The Lottery, Speculation, Stock Market Or Share Trading .
  • Lord Of 8th House Combines With Ketu In 2nd House, Gives Sudden Money .
  • In Cancer/Saggitaius Ascendant Moon Placed In 11th/9th House Indicates Success In Stock Trading.
  • Mars And Rahu Placed In The 11th House Having Relation With The Lord Of 5th And 9th House Indicates The Gain In The Stock Market.
  • Rahu Mars In 2nd House And Jupiter/Venus Placed In The 11th House Indicates Success In The Share Trading .
  • If There Is Moon -Mars Conjunction (Chandra Mangal Yoga) In Natal Chart And Rahu,Mercury , Jupiter Placed In 11th House , The Native Will Get Success In Share Trading .
  • Lords Of 2nd And 11th Exchange Sign With Lords Of 5th And 9th Signifies Great Success In Stock Trading.


  • Heavily Afflicted Moon In Natal Horoscope Indicates Fickle Mind, Such People Should Refrain From Taking Risks In The Stock Market .
  • Lord Of The 8th House Placed In The 4th/5th/9th/10th House In The Natal Chart Indicates The Loss In The Stock Market.
  • Sun Rahu Placed In The 1st/5th/9th House In The Natal Chart And Not Aspected By Jupiter Indicates The Severe Loss In Stock Trading.
  • Lord Of The 5th/9th/11th House Placed In The 12th House Indicates The Loss In The Stock Market.
  • Retrograde Lord Of The 6th/11th House Placed In 12th House Also Signifies The Loss In The Stock Market .
  • If All Quadrants Are Empty In Natal Chart And Moon Is Placed In 6th/8th,12th House , The Native Will Face Severe Loss In The Stock Market.
  • Lord Of 3rd/6th/8th Houses Exchange Sign With Other House Also Indicates The Heavy Loss In The Stock Market.


  • During Dahs/Maha Dasha Of The Lord Of 8th House, The Person Will Get Success In Stock Trading.
  • During Dasha/Mahadash Of Lords Of 5th, 9th,11th House , The Native Will Get Gains In The Stock Market.
  • The Transition Of Jupiter And Rahu Over Benefic Houses Increases The Chances Of Gains From The Stock Market.