Love Marriage or Arranged marriage-India Astrology Foundation

The planetary transits of 2020 are tricky ones. They they are redefining the dynamics of your horoscope. Jupiter, the planet which in a women’s horoscope signifies spouse would transit Sagittarius but unceremoniously would move ahead into Capricorn, only to fall back into Sagittarius during retrogression. This is quite peculiar and would throw in many surprises in 2020. Saturn would move into Capricorn, promoting the ethics and permanancy in relationships. Rahu would create passion, deception and seeking love actively in Gemini in your horoscope. Along that there will be the movement of Venus in the 12 houses of your horoscope, and retrogression of Mars. The combined effect of the key planets would bring forth the favourable time for finding love & marriage.The year would see a sudden surge in emotions and level of passion rising, as the planetary maze indicates

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