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Vaastu shastra elaborates the basic sense of designing the architecture of buildings and specific areas of a building such as rooms, fenestrations, gates etc. The motive of vastu shastra is to enhance the well being of the occupants . It primarily instructs how to maintain the best equilibrium of the five elements ( Earth Water, Sun, Air & Space) in a building and to make best use of their effects to energize the metal & physical energies of inhabitants.

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According to Vastu Shastra, It is a particular way in which the balance of five elements has to be in business, home and office. The five elements are Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vaayu), Fire (Agni) and Space. Each element has its significance and associated with a direction. Each direction has negative or positive energy which influence us and which solved quickly with Vastu expert.


Laying the foundation of the house:

We have to make sure that the blueprint of your house is such that the construction faces either the North or the East.The first brick should be laid in the Northeast corner or inthe centre of the construction. The digging should commence in the Northwest corner and the foundation of the house should be laid in the Southwest corner.

Placing the accessories in and around your house:

A small temple inside the premises of the house then you can place it in the Northeast direction.The sink in the kitchen should be to the left of the cooking surface Pet shelters should be built in the Northwest direction.  All storage spaces should face the South or West directions.

Colouring your house:

 Color depicts the energy and strength of the body and also gives positive and negative vibes to the people. As a result, colors should always be used in a useful and effective way. Paint the walls of your bedroom in blue or pink shades. These colors are peaceful and create a romantic aura. Similarly, the kitchen and dining area should be painted in orange hues as it instills hunger. Living rooms can have shades of white and cream.

Preparing your house:

The process of construction of a house observes a number of negative activities like digging, blasting, burrowing, bulldozing, and leveling the ground; drilling, hammering, welding, and cutting of the materials, and a lot of other machinery actions. In the course of time, these activities lead to an accumulation of negative energies within the space. The Vastu Shanti ceremony is actually done so as to purify the structure and deliver it of all evils. The rituals done during the ceremony help in discharging all the negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. The ceremony actually demands that any kind of cooking, sleeping, or using the toilet of the house should be avoided before it is performed. Also, the date for the ceremony should be decided according to its auspiciousness.

Using your house as per Vastu rules:

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